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MGS Trailing end Anchorage

Description Text We have a question from a contractor we would like to run by you. Our BA-204 (https://iowadot.gov/design/SRP/IndividualStandards/eba204.pdf) uses a foundation tube and soil plate as an anchorage. Our contactors sometimes run into issues with putting in the soil plate. The most common one is not having the room due to the adjacent concrete. We would like to know your thoughts on replacing this anchorage with anchorage from our BA-203 ( https://iowadot.gov/design/SRP/IndividualStandards/eba203.pdf ). Another question would be how to deal with the changing the location of the splices.

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Date September 7, 2018


We have currently been using trailing end anchors for all of our testing that do not use soil plates. We use the 6’ long foundation tubes with the ground line strut line. I have attached a detail from our testing of the MGS trailing end anchorage.


In terms of moving the splices, we have typically just hung the extra rail of the end of the trailing end anchorage. Some states have used special end rail sections with non-standard lengths.


Two other, more difficult options exist. One is to place an extra non-standard spacing post at half-post spacing in to allow the switch. Another is to omit a post (or rather use a 9.375’ post spacing) to facilitate the splice switch. However, these options have to be done relatively far from the anchorage in order to not affect the performance of the trailing end anchor during impacts near the end.



Date October 30, 2018
Attachment DS-Anchorage-31in_R5.pdf
Attachment MGS Terminal Rail Section_R0.pdf
Attachment PFP02_R8.pdf
Attachment SEW31_R8.pdf

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