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UBSP Bolt Hardware

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Description Text Gregory Industries was reviewing our Bullnose plan finding the hardware hard to find domestically.
Is there an alternate bolt we can substitute? which is not fully threaded.
He mentioned issues with the washer & nut also?
  • Bullnose Median Barrier & Short Radius
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Date August 30, 2018


Due to the design of the post, the grade and the full thread are required. A325 structural bolts are not typically made in this diameter. Thus, there are a couple of options.

  1. One can get A449 bolts that are custom made to the thread configuration and diameter. They will have equivalent grade to the ones used in the testing as A449 and A325 are equivalent grades.
  2. A second options is to use SAE Grade 5 cap screws. These will come in the specified diameter and thread configuration.

Our current details list 

Bolt - ASTM A449 or SAE J429

Gr. 5

Nut - ASTM A563DH or SAE J995

Gr. 5

Note that this hardware should all be galvanized. That may require ordering plain SAE Grade 5 cap screws and having them glavanized or special ordering the A449 bolts. I have contacted Bennett Bolt in NY and know they can fabricate them. 


Date August 30, 2018

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