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UBSP Post Base Galvanization Vent Hole

Description Text Per our discussion on the test track a few minutes ago, please see attachments.

• We would like to receive written concurrence from MwRSF that the tube sleeve embedment for the ThrieBeam Bullnose can be manufactured with a 13/16” galvanizing (vent/drain) hole instead of 3/8” as shown. For the following reasons:
o If you try to galvanize the product and drain it using the 3/8” hole, it becomes clogged.
o If you try to galvanize the product and use the 3/8” hole as a venting hole, it isn’t large enough to allow the heated air to vent properly. The product tends to float in the zinc kettle.
• If you are concerned that another manufacturer would desire a ¾” hole vs a 13/16” hole or such – then you could reply to this email indicating a maximum diameter galvanizing hole.
• As 13/16” holes are used extensively in the guardrail product applications and most galvanizing hanging hardware is larger than 5/8” rod, we would ask that at least a 13/16” hole be allowed.

We would appreciate a response within a week, if at all possible. Thanks for your time and effort to consider our request.
  • Bullnose Median Barrier & Short Radius
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Date April 26, 2018
Attachment 130731-32 Prelim.pdf
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I have reviewed the attachments and email you sent regarding the vent/drain holes in the lower section of the UBSP post developed here at MwRSF.


I see no issues with increasing the size of the vent/drain hole to ¾” or 13/16” as need to facilitate better galvanization of the assembly. Additionally, That hole could be relocated on the base plate as needed as long as it was located on the interior of the base tube.


I will update the details in our latest bullnose testing to reflect a larger hole as well and place this note on the MwRSF Q&A site as well to help in disseminating the information to our states.



Date April 26, 2018

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