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MGS Trailing End Terminal

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A quick question..  There seems to be variations on the
size of the bolt and hole in the foundation tube for the wood post
support.  The original details had a 7/8” diameter bolt with a 1” diameter
hole.  Some of the later details depicted a 5/8” diameter bolt (also with
a 1” diameter hole).  Our supplier indicated that the standard
configuration that they manufacture is with a 5/8” dimeter bolt with a 7/8”
hole.  Is this format acceptable.

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Date August 22, 2017


For the trailing end terminal, there may be a couple sets of holes in the foundation tube depending on the drawings you are referring to.


The original hardware guide details for a trailing end terminal with foundation tubes have a hole for a through bolt near the top and a pair of holes for mounting a soil plate farther down. These details show 5/8” bolts and ¾” holes for both. The BCT post has a 7/8” hole in it for reception of the upper bolt hole and bolt in the foundation tube.


We evaluated an updated version of this trailing end anchorage with the MGS (TRP-03-279-13). In that testing and evaluation, the trailing end anchorage used increased foundation tube length and no soil plates. The upper hole in the foundation tube remained ¾” and used a 5/8” through bolt. This hole again for the bolt that goes through the BCT post and serves to bolt the ends of the groundline strut to the foundation tube. A single hole was placed in the lower portion of the foundation tube to prevent the broken post from falling all the way to the bottom of the tube and make removal of the base of the post easier. This hole had a 1” diameter and a 7/8” bolt. The lower bolt on the foundation tube does not serve a structural purpose, and I would not see any reason it couldn’t be made a ¾” hole for a 5/8” bolt as well.

 Let me know if this addresses you question or if you need more information.


Date August 23, 2017
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