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Temporary Concrete Barrier

State IL
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As a
follow-up to the response of November 25, 2013 regarding considering increasing
the optional chamfer from 1/2" to 1" on all edges, we have received a
suggestion regarding an additional modification in an effort to reduce the
likelihood of temporary concrete barrier damage related to
handling/placing/removing. The attached Standard 704001 shows a sketch of a 2" x
6" modification at the bottom of both ends of the temporary concrete
barrier across the entire 22-1/2" width of the base of the barrier.

How would
this modification affect the performance of the IL F-Shape temporary concrete


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Date June 11, 2015
Attachment Standard 704001 with 2 x 6 end modification at base.pdf

Response We would not recommend the removal of the 2"x6" section at the end of the TCB segment. The performance of the TCB during impact is partially dependent on the interlock of the toes of the barrier segment and development of moment continuity across the barrier joint. Removal of a portion of the toe of the barrier may reduce the effectiveness of the barrier toe contact and alter the barrier performance. Additionally removal of the concrete in that area would create more concentrated loading of the toes during impact and make them more likely to be damaged. 

We do understand that the toes of the barriers get damaged during moving and placement. However, we would recommend placing more steel reinforcement in those areas rather than removal of portions of the toe near the end of the barrier.

There is potential that this alteration may still work, but it would need to be crash tested in order for us to be able to recommend its use.
Date June 12, 2015

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