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TXDOT TL-3 Transition Crash Test Report

State LA
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I have been talking with Paul
Fossier over at Louisiana DTOD about their TL-3 transition design.

They would like to review the
crash test report on the TXDOT TL-3 transition with the curb.

Did you guys crash test the
TXDOT Design (see attached TXDOT Details).

This transition uses a curb.

If so, could I get a copy of the
crash test report?

Please let me know.

  • Approach Guardrail Transitions
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Date February 4, 2015


MwRSF did crash test this AGT back in the mid to late 90s under NCHRP 350 using both steel and wood posts. This testing was completed prior to the development of the asymmetric W-beam to thrie beam transition segment. In addition, this testing was conducted prior to the design and testing of the simplified stiffness transition to the AGT. Later, this AGT was successfully crash tested under AASHTO MASH. Further, two different stiffness transitions were designed and tested on the upstream end of this AGT, thus future variations should integrate both regions. I will acquire links to the reports and forward those to you.

Date February 4, 2015


Here are the links to the noted systems described below.


Original Crash Testing – NCHRP 350



Follow-Up Crash Testing – NCHRP 22-14(1) Update to NCHRP 350 (AASHTO MASH)



Original Stiffness Transition to AGTs with Three Steel Post Types (350)



Simplified Stiffness Transition to AGTs with Standardized Steel Posts (MASH)



Wood-Post Alternative Stiffness Transition to AGTs (Bogie Testing)



Recent AASHTO MASH Testing of Stiffness Transition to Crashworthy Transitions with Curb (Led to nested segment of W-beam upstream from asymmetric setion)



I have attached a copy of a paper that corresponded to the last research study. One should note that the upstream stiffness transition should be integrated onto the upstream end of prior, short, relatively stiff, crashworthy AGTs. Let us know if you have any further questions.


Date February 5, 2015
Attachment 15-4502 MGS Stiffness Transition with Curb - R2.pdf

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