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Bolt Specifications for Steel Strap TCB Tie-Down

State KS
Description Text We have a question
submitted by one of our contractors regarding which bolts are acceptable for
use in concrete safety barrier anchorage applications with tie down straps. Can
you take a look at the attached information submitted to KDOT and the highlighted
version of our Standard Drawing and let us know if you would have any concerns
using ASTM A325 bolts in lieu of ASTM A449 bolts? I quickly reviewed the
properties and they look virtually identical to me, but Scott King pointed out
the different materials can sometimes be sensitive to temperature or may have
different shear strengths so I wanted to check with you and get your thoughts.
  • Temporary Barriers
Other Keywords Tie Down
Date March 3, 2015
Attachment anchor detail.pdf
Attachment bolts for straps.pdf

Response ASTM A449 is virtually identical in chemistry and strength to ASTM A325 and SAE J429 grade 5. However, A449 is more flexible in the sense that it covers a larger diameter range and is not restricted by a specific configuration.

Thus, either spec can be used in this application.
Date March 4, 2015

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