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2" lip on bridge rail

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Is there a good solution to updating the 2” concrete lip on
bridge rail?

Could This be filled with grout? Or steel plates? Cardbored?

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Date December 11, 2014
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When one raises the thrie beam end shoe off of the concrete surface and depending on the method, the threaded bolts could be loaded to a higher stress level due to combined bending and shear. I believe we have in the past used a higher grade of steel when using fabricated steel offset plates on sloped parapets. An offset late could be used but one would want to consider higher grade bolts and hardware that reduces bolt bending and maintains more shear loading. A concrete fill region could be used but may be difficult to cast/bond to old concrete. Reinforcement should be used in this scenario to help anchor the new concrete surfacing. I am not sure how successful this option would be for long-term durability and impact loading that may shatter off concrete patch. The cardboard option is not acceptable.


For new construction, I would eliminate the recessed region.

Date December 15, 2014

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