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spanning an old culvert

State WI
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We have a minor project were a very old box culvert is near a roadway.  The overall roadway is in poor condition and in the next 5 years the roadway, box culvert and near by intersections will be worked on.


In the interim, the existing beam guard does not have the correct height, is in poor condition, lacks sufficient grading and uses down turned end terminals. 

The box culvert is very narrow and only a few feet high (making it almost impossible to get into).  Making using a top bolted not viable.  In addition given the age of the box culvert the culvert itself may not be in good condition or have the strength required

A long span will not properly fit in at this location because of grading/right-of-way/environmental concerns. 


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Date January 20, 2015
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We looked through this and the proposed detail. We believe that the proposed detail is a little too complicated and that the reduced spacing adjacent to the culvert doesn't improve things.

Instead, we would recommend that you treat the box culvert obstruction as a small long span system with the MGS and place 3 CRT posts on each side of the culvert. This should alleviate the potential for degradation of the performance over the culvert.

You may not need the long span CRT’s  at all if you can get the posts to straddle the culvert at standard spacing. 


Date February 3, 2015

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