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cable barrier line post specification

State WI
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I’m updating my specification for cable barrier line post footing. I would like to incorporate some of the information that MwRSF has done with bogie testing of socketed foundations.

What I want to specify is:

“Provide line post anchor design that limits line post footing movement to “X” inches, when a dynamic force of “Y” is applied to the strong axis of the post at height “H” above the ground.”

Unfortunately, I don’t remember X,Y or H. I believe that the strong axis is the one that we want the load to be applied to, but I could be wrong with that as well.

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Date May 12, 2014

Response The critical impact that we at MwRSF have selected is:

An impact height, H, of 11” to represent a small car bumper

Restrict foundation movement, X, to less than 1” to prevent resetting of foundation during system repairs

Posts were impacted to create strong axis bending and continued until the bogie overrode the post. The specific load magnitude, Y, will vary depending on the post. For an S3x5.7 post, the peak load has typically been between 17 and 20 kips. For the new cable post, the MWP, peak loads were between 8 and 10 kips.
Date May 22, 2014

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