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chain link on temp concrete barrier

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Are there any existing crashworthy standards for chain link mounted on top of temp concrete barrier? A contractor has proposed the version attached.  I'm not sure if they've made this up on their own, or if it was tested and used elsewhere.





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Date April 16, 2014
Attachment TCB-Fence.JPG

Response To the best of our knowledge, no testing has been conducted on chain link fencing attached to temporary concrete barrier. Previous research at TTI was conducted on a chain link fence mounted on a permanent concrete barrier under PL-2 impact conditions. This would be considerably different in terms of barrier deflection and vehicle extension over the barrier as compared a TCB system evaluated under current test criteria. 

There are concerns with mounting fence structure on TCB's. First, the vehicle may interact with the fence structure causing snag. This may pull the fence down on the vehicle or cause deceleration or instability of the vehicle that is undesirable. it is essentially a zone of intrusion issue with the vehicle interacting with the fence. TTI has tested sign supports attached to TCB successfully, but the vehicle did interact significantly with the sign support. A second concern with a fence structure is that it may affect the performance and deflection of the TCB. 

The fence structure you have shown may potentially work. However, it is difficult to determine its safety based on the concerns above without further investigation and analysis, and I would lean towards crash testing to evaluate this type of attachment. 
Date April 22, 2014
Attachment 0-6143-1.pdf

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