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Rock installation for thrie beam bullnose post in steel tubes

State WI
Description Text Is there a way to anchor the steel foundation tubes for the thrie beam bullnose into a rock foundation with out fully excavating a 8 ft or 7ft hole for the tube?
  • Bullnose Median Barrier & Short Radius
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Date March 21, 2014

Response I believe that this questions was at least partially addressed in a previous consulting question.


As far as anchoring to rock, no such system has been developed to date and may be difficult due to the irregularity of the rock surface as well as the structural strength of the rock itself. 

It may be possible to core a hole in the rock to place the foundation tube within and fill around it. This could reduce the overall depth of the tube, but the depth of that cored hole would need some further consideration. 

A third option would be to install a reduced depth foundation tube with a large soil plate. However the dimensions of the soil plate and the feasibility of this option would be dictated to some degree by the amount of fill material above the rock obstruction.
Date March 31, 2014

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