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retro fitting thrie beam approaches

State WI
Description Text I have some material questions. See attached
  • Approach Guardrail Transitions
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Date March 18, 2014
Attachment Pages from TRP-03-266-12 thrie beam retro fits.pdf


Part a1: Yes, the beam can be A36 or A992 steel

Part a2: Yes, the posts can be A36 or A992 steel

Part a3: Yes, the plate can be A36 or A992 steel

Part b1: Yes, a standard hex head ASTM A563 grade A nut

                Grade2 steel refers to SAE J429 Grade 2 for the bolt

Part b3: Yes, Standard guardrail nut

Part b4: Use F844 wahsers, I don’t know why Grade 2 is included in the B.O.M.  may have been a typo

Date March 18, 2014

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