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Information on Midwest Guardrail System use behind sidewalk

State CA
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I work as a
designer for Caltrans. One of the challenges my team is facing now is designing
ADA improvements on and near Caltrans facilities.


One of our
designs proposes a 4-foot wide sidewalk in front of guard rail. I have seen
test reports and photos of MGS behind 6-inch curb. Are there any data or
recommendations when the MGS is placed behind 6-inch curb and a sidewalk ?


  • Guardrail
Other Keywords Curbs
Date February 4, 2014


We have done some work with investigation of the MGS system with larger offsets from the curb. We did not achieve a comprehensive set of curb guidelines, but we did get some results that may help you.


I have attached references to that work. They may not answer all of you questions, but they should give you a start.






Let me know if you have further questions. 

Date February 4, 2014

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