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Bridge Rail End and Curb with Thrie Beam Transition

Description Text Can you review the attached detail an comment on the placement of the curb and the geometry of the vertical end section with respect to the approach transition?
  • Approach Guardrail Transitions
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Date January 22, 2014
Attachment 14b22.pdf
Attachment 3012.pdf
Attachment MGS transition curbv1`.pdf

Response 1. With respect to the placement of the curb, that system was designed with the curb located with the toe of the curb flush with the backside of the thrie beam. This would be consistent with the schematic you sent.

2. The second issue we discussed was the use of a vertical end section and the need for a tapered corner on the vertical end. We received FHWA approval for the vertical end section with a tapered corner from FHWA and would recommend that the tapered corner be included in the parapet designs if possible. See attached.

Let me know if that addressed your questions.
Date January 22, 2014
Attachment b-47.pdf
Attachment b-47a.pdf
Attachment b47b.pdf

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