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Epoxy Adhesive Specifications

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Description Text NCHRP 757 - Long-Term Performance of Epoxy Adhesive Anchor Systems suggests that epoxy adhesives follow the ACI 355.4-11 specifications. However, epoxy adhesive anchor manufacturers typically list the ICC-ES AC308 standard.

What would be an appropriate epoxy specification for our standards?
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Date February 25, 2014

Response I spoke with some folks at Hilti regarding your questions about what specifications to meet for the epoxy. They stated that generally the adhesive industry has been set to meet the ICC-ES AC308 standard for the last several years. When ACI 381-11 came out with new methods for design of epoxy adhesive anchors, a push was made to adopt ACI 355.4-11 as the standard spec for epoxy adhesives. The ACI 355.4-11 spec was based on ICC-ES AC308 with some small modifications.

Currently, the adhesive industry is working to harmonize those two documents to alleviate any specification issues. They believe that they will do so by 2015. However, according to Hilti, the majority of the epoxy manufactures are going to meet the ICC-ES AC308 spec at this time. Thus, you may want to stay with that spec for the time being so you can obtain adhesive until the specs are harmonized.

See the attached document from Hilti.
Date March 7, 2014
Attachment 2012 IBC and Adhesive Anchors_2013-10-21.pdf

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