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Temporary barrier to permanent barrier transition for undirectional traffic

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Dear MwRSF,


What modifications should be done to the temporary barrier transition to permanent barrier when there is traffic on both sides of the temporary barrier going the same direction?  For example the temporary barrier is used to split traffic at a ramp gore.

I'm assuming that we would need some type of "toe plate" to prevent wheel snag. 

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Date November 15, 2013


Previously, MwRSF developed a median transition between free-standing TCB and a rigid concrete parapet. This system was designed for reverse direction traffic only and did not consider similar direction traffic on bolt sides.


In order to develop the transition to work with traffic moving the same direction on both sides, several issues would need to be considered. As noted above, the potential for vehicle snag on the rigid parapet would need to be considered. This would include both snag near the barrier toe and snag along any part of the exposed rigid parapet face. The original design of the system used nested thrie beam on both sides of the transition to reduce the potential for vehicle snag. The angle of that thrie beam and its attachment vary depending on the type of parapet that is connected to.

Thus it would be critical to ensure that the thrie beam and any toe cap that was designed have the correct geometry and capacity to prevent snag and provide safe redirection. Design of the toe plate, the thrie beam connection, potential changes to the alignment of the TCB with the parapet would likely need to be evaluated. In addition, it is likely that these modifications would need to be tested in in order to verify that they performed adequately.

Date November 15, 2013

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