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Strength requirements for temporary barrier epoxy anchors

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are the strength requirements for using epoxy to anchor temporary barrier to a
bridge deck based off the research report you guys did for WisDOT.

  • Temporary Barriers
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Date July 26, 2013


We conducted the epoxy anchor testing in the report using HILTI HIT - RE 500 SD epoxy. This material has a bond strength of 1800 psi. All of the anchor capacities that we calculate or tested in the report are based on that bond strength number. Thus, we it would be reasonable to assume that higher bond strength materials should provide equivalent or better anchorage.


Material Property

Hilti HIT-RE 500 SD

Adhesives Technology HS2000

Adhesives Technology Ultrabond 1

Adhesives Technology Ultrabond 3

Simpson ET

Bond Strength

1,800 psi

(12.4 MPa)

2,400 psi

(16.5 MPa)

1,640 psi

(11.3 MPa)

1,960 psi

(13.5 MPa)

2,030 psi

(14.0 MPa)

Compressive Strength

12,000 psi

(82.7 MPa)

15,260 psi

(105 MPa)

10,990 psi

(75.8 MPa)

10,110 psi

(69.7 MPa)

13,390 psi

(92.3 MPa)

Compressive Modulus

220 ksi

(1.52 GPa)

322 ksi

(2.22 GPa)

214 ksi

(1.48 GPa)

201 ksi

(1.39 GPa)

658 ksi

(4.54 GPa)

Tensile Strength

6,310 psi

(43.5 MPa)

7,080 psi

(48.8 MPa)

6,790 psi

(46.8 MPa)

7,840 psi

(54.1 MPa)


Elongation at Break






Heat Deflection Temperature

146 °F

(63.3 °C)

152 °F

(66.7 °C)

134 °F

(56.7 °C)

138 °F

(58.9 °C)

168 °F

(75.6 °C)


Bond strength is not the only factor. Concrete strength plays a role as well. The compressive strength of the concrete used in these component tests may be higher than the typical strength of concrete bridge decks. Thus, some decrease in the capacity of the anchors would be expected for lower strength concrete. This decrease in strength would likely be offset to some extent by the presence of reinforcing steel in the bridge deck.



Date September 12, 2013

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