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MASH bridge rails

State WI
Description Text Does MwRSF know of any MASH crash tested bridge rails?
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Date May 13, 2013


MwRSF has not conducted any successful MASH TL-4 testing of bridge rail designs, but has conducted TL-3 tests on a limited number of designs.

1. Test nos. NJ-1 and NJ-2 were conducted as part of the NCHRP 22-14 project. These tests consisted of a successful 1100C test and a failed 10000S test on a 32" tall NJ barrier.

2. MASH TL-3 testing was conducted with the 2270P vehicle on a precast bridge rail system for FRP bridge decks. (TRP-03-220-09)

3. MASH TL-3 testing was conducted with the 2270P and 1100C vehicles on the MGS bridge rail system. (TRP-03-226-10)


TTI has also conducted a number of bridge rail tests at TL-3 and a limited number of tests to evaluate minimum barrier heights for the TL-4 10000S impact condition. I have attached those reports for your review


The file 'bridge rail reports.zip' (153.8 MB) is available for download at
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Date May 13, 2013

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