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MGS Post Leave-out Size in Mow Strips and Other Pavements

State WY
Description Text TTI did some testing regarding "leave outs" for conventional w-beam guardrail (27 3/4" Height). The recommendation was to provide at least 7" free on the back side of the post. Are these recommendations valid with MGS or should the dimension be increased somewhat until further testing is completed. Likewise, the Pooled fund performed testing on posts in rocky conditions. Are these recommendations valid for MGS? Attached is a copy of a 2004 FHWA Memo regarding the subject.
  • Guardrail
Other Keywords MGS, leave-outs, mow strip, post, pavement, rock
Date February 7, 2013
Attachment FHWA Approval Letter For Post Leaveouts-b64b.pdf

Response I believe that this issue has been dealt with previously in Question 171 on the website. 

If this does not fully address your question, let me know.


Date February 7, 2013

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