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Tube Spec for PCB Tie-Down through Asphalt

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Could you review the questions below.


I don't think that there is an ASTM for the cold drawn DOM steel tube.  I think that the information provide for this tube is adequate enough to get the correct steel.


Please see the attached detail for the USH 41 temporary barrier wall on structures with an asphaltic overlay.  One comment we have recieved from the regional materials folks is that the mounting hardeware, in particular the steel tube.  Is there an ASTM/AASHTO standard for the steel sleeve.  We currently have a Cold Drawn DOM Steel Tube (Min 72 ksi Yeild Strength).  Does this type of tube relate to an ASTM/AASHTO standard to ensure that the 72 ksi yeild strength is being met?


We also need information for the ASTM standards for the nut.

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Date September 6, 2012
Attachment STR_Deck Barrier Anchoring.pdf


The material for that tubing is labeled wrong on the original drawing I sent (sorry). It lists the tubing as having a 72 ksi yield strength. It should have read a 60 ksi yield strength and a 72 ksi tensile strength.


The material used for the tube is Cold Drawn Seamless ASTM 519 tubing and the tube material should be AISI 1026 (UNS G10260) cold drawn steel tubing. Cold Drawn Seamless is made from 1026 (UNS G10260) steel in sizes through 9 ½" OD.




Let me know if you need anything else.


Date September 6, 2012

Date November 5, 2012

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