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IH 43 NB at IH 39 SB Off Ramp

State WI
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We have a situation (see photos) where a wing wall is falling away from a bridge parapet.  The maintenance staff has stabilized the wing wall, but there is still an issue with snag.


In 5 years the bridge will be replaced, but I don't want to leave this like this until then.


I was thinking that it may be possible to

1.       Put an angled metal plate (1/2" A36 with some reinforcing struts and bolts to attach it to the parapet) over the snag point

2.       Place additional thrie beam or beam guard placed near the toe of the parapet it (with appropriate blocks and connections) and have the  additional thrie beam bend around the thrie beam transition.

Do you believe that either of these alternatives are feasible?  Do you have other suggestions?


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Date August 14, 2012
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Response More photos
Date August 14, 2012
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Date August 14, 2012
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This one may be somewhat difficult but I offer the following:

(1)    Bring w-beam rail away from sloped end or buttress with additional blockout.

(2)    Within sloped end region, connect symmetric W-beam to thrie beam transition.

(3)    Block W-beam to thrie beam transition away from sloped end as well.

(4)    Connect nested 12-gauge or single 10-gauge thrie beam to downstream end of 10-gauge W-T section and attach across shifted/exposed joint.

(5)    Block thrie beam away from parapet and slowly taper back to parapet face at end of 12-ft 6-in. section to reduce wheel snag concerns.

(6)    Use thrie end shoe to anchor thrie beam to downstream parapet.

This is the best that I could come up for short turnaround.


Date August 14, 2012

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