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W-Thrie Transition Question

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I'm just looking at the "W-beam to Stiff Bridge Transition (MWT-5)" and need confirmation if this is the detail we would apply for a transition to a safety shape or vertical concrete bridge rail, which I assume has also been successfully crash tested. If correct I'm assuming we would show the thrie beam terminal connector (RTE01b) being bolted to the nested 12 ga thrie beams at post 19 (which would actually be the concrete bridge rail similar to STB05).

If similar to STB05, I'm assuming we would also delete post 18.   If not correct, I'm assuming we may need to use additional posts at 475mm centres similar to STB06.

One other question with the MWT-5 detail is the use of a half length of 12 ga thrie beam between posts 15 and 13, which also has the thicker asymmetric 10 ga thrie beam on one side and the nested 12 ga thrie beams on the other. This seems a little odd to use a thinner piece of steel (instead of a half length of 10 ga thrie beam) at this location when the intent is to stiffen the system as you approach the bridge rail. I have to ask this question as I'm sure I'll be asked this question by our installers once installations start. My preference would be to specify a half length of 10 ga thrie beam at this location, however if the 12 ga is what is recommended and crash tested, and there is uncertainty about 10 ga, we will specify the 12 ga.

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Date August 21, 2007


We have no problem with you attaching the transition system to a concrete bridge rail as long as the bridge rail is 350 approved, is very stiff and rigid, and has the appropriate flare backs and/or tapers as have been 350 approved previously for approach guardrail transitions. Yes, you would want to attach the thrie beam terminal connector to the nested 12-gauge thrie beam at post 19. There would be no need to remove post 18. We have tested a few approach guardrail transitions to concrete barriers that have been 350 approved if you would like that information. One note...STB05 and STB06 are only 230 approved

At this time, we do not feel that we can recommend 10-gauge thrie beam in place of the 6-ft 3-in. long, single (non-nested) 12-gauge The new approach guardrail transition system has been configured with an additional 6-ft 3-in. long, single (non-nested) 12-gauge thrie beam rail, followed by the new asymmetrical, 10-gauge W-beam to thrie beam transition section. It is our current opinion that all of the prior nested thrie beam transition systems should be modified to include the additional 6-ft 3-in. thrie beam section as well as the asymmetrical transition section. In addition, the existing approach guardrail transition systems will require a longer transition length for which the support posts are installed and using a reduced post spacing. As part of another change, W6x12 steel posts were implemented in order to provide a more gradual change in lateral stiffness of the overall guardrail system
Date October 16, 2007

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