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Steel backed timber transition to rigid barrier

State WI
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Does MwRSF have access to the crash test of the Steel Backed Timber Guardrail transtion to a straight stone masonary guardwall parapat- TL-3?

This transition is listed in FHWA memorandum HSA-10/B-64D2.

Also in the same memo they show a 70 foot radius installation of the steel-backed timber guardrail circular curves 70-ft radius and below.  Considering how the short radius system had problems is this design viable?

Does MwRSF have an option about the steel backed timber guardrail transition?



  • Approach Guardrail Transitions
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Other Keywords steel backed timber
Date April 25, 2012


I have found a few reports documenting the full-scale testing on the steel-backed timber guardrail and transition designs (tested at TII). Please see the attached files. Note, only hte succesfull tests are contained in the reports. Thus, the TL-3 test of the transition to masonry wall is not contained in these reports. I'm not sure that a formal report was ever created for that test.

Further, I cannot find any documented analysis or testing that illustrates the crashworthyness of the steel-backed timber guardrail installed with a tight radius. As such, I
further evaluation of the noted short radius system (as small as 70 ft) before
I could recommend installing it.

Date May 3, 2012
Attachment steel backed timber guardrail.pdf

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