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Transition from Temporary to Permanent Barrier

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I know that we talked about this a long time ago (This project keeps getting put on the back burner because of other issues.  So, I lose my notes about it.).   


What tension and shear values should I put on the anchors  located on the attached drawing?


I know that the system was crash tested using asphalt stakes anchoring down the temporary barrier.  I'm assuming that it is OK to use the same pattern for anchoring the barrier down on concrete as well.


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Date March 26, 2012
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Response There are two types of mechanical anchors specified in the attached detail. 

For the 3/4" dia. x 6" long Powers Fasteners mechanical anchors, we would recommend that the manufacturers listed ultimate strengths be followed as guidance for any alternative anchor. Powers currently lists the ultimate shear and tensile capacities of those anchors in 4,000 psi concrete as 17.9 kips and 21.96 kips, respectively. 

For the Red Head Multi-Set II RL drop-in anchor, the manufacturer lists the ultimate tensile loads of 9.48 kips for 4,000 psi concrete and ultimate shear loads of 10.48 kips for concrete strengths over 2,000 psi. We have tested these anchors dynamically to significantly higher loads, but we would stick with the manufacturers listed strengths if you are going to include them on your details.

We do allow the transition design to be used with the bolt-through tie-down option when applied to transitions on concrete surfaces using the configuration shown. The asphalt pin and bolt-through tie-down systems are believed to possess similar lateral restraint and thus can be interchanged in the transition design as needed.
Date March 27, 2012



As I was reviewing the drawing, I did find another mechanical anchor that I would like the strenght requirements for.  The mechanical anchors are 5/8"x 4" power fasteners wedge-bolt anchors that attach the top of the cap to the permanent and temporary barrier.

Date April 2, 2012

Response The ultimate shear and tensile capacities for the 3/4" dia. x 4" long Powers Fasteners mechanical anchors in 4,000 pis concrete are 12.14 kips and 17.5 kips, respectively.
Date April 2, 2012

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