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New York Cable Anchor Modification

State CT
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The Connecticut Department of Transportation entered a research needs statement to the Midwest States Regional Pooled Fund to develop a maintenance friendly modification to the New York State NCHRP 350 approved cable end anchor. MwRSF suggested that this task was small enough to be done through the use of the Pooled Fund consulting agreement.

The NY cable anchorage consists of an end anchor and first post embedded into a concrete foundation. The first post, post no. 1, employs a slip base to disengage the top of the post during an impact on the end of the system. Performance of the system has been satisfactory, but the bottom of post no. 1, which is set in a concrete foundation, tends to get damaged during impacts. Repair of this damage requires full replacement of the concrete anchorage at an approximate cost of $1,100.00. If the system could be modified so only post no. 1 need be replaced, the cost of repair would be reduced to approximately $10.00 - $15.00.

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Date May 17, 2004
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Response MwRSF has redesigned post no. 1 in the NY cable end anchorage. Instead, setting the base of post no. 1 in concrete, a 4"x3"x39 3/8"x1/4" A500 galvanized steel foundation tube will be cast into the concrete foundation. Post no. 1 remain the same, but will now sit in the foundation tube rather than be cast in the concrete. A ¾" dia. Grade 5 hex bolt will be placed through the foundation tube at the embedment depth of post no. 1. Post no. 1 will rest on this bolt to insure the proper installation height for the post. If  damage now occurs to post no. 1, the post can simply be pulled from the foundation tube and a new post no. 1 can be substituted in its place. Drawing for the new end anchorage are attached.
Date May 18, 2004
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Response Additional Details.
Date May 18, 2004
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