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End Treatment Gaps

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Description Text MoDOT has a situation where the roadway guardrail and the ramp guardrail come close together at the nose of the gore.  Have you any experience or knowledge of what is the required or recommended gap between the two end treatment (ex. ET 2000) to work properly?
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Date August 26, 2004

Response Two different approaches are available for treating the situation described above. First, one could install end treatments that bring both guardrails into a single terminal system, such as used in the FLEAT-MT and CAT. Second, one could use any of the energy-asborbing guardrail end terminals on each guardrail end but with ending the back-side system approximately 50 ft downstream of the first system. If option two is used, all guardrail posts exposed on the back side of the first terminal must be treated with breakaway guardrail posts in order to avoid excessive wheel snag concerns and the potential for vehicle rollovers.
Date August 31, 2004

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