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Asphalt Pin Tie-Down in Median Applications

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It doesn't look like we should tie down the Kansas/Iowa/Minnesota Temporary Portable Precast Concrete F Barrier with steel pins and use it for semi- permanent application when it is in the Median?


The steel pins for Tie-Down application you specify in the report are only for when this barrier is going to have traffic on one side, correct?

  • Temporary Barriers
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Date April 19, 2006


We are not recommending the use of the asphalt tie-down in median installations at this time. Our concern is that pins on the backside of the barrier would create a pivot point and induce rotation of the barrier segments. This action could increase the propensity for impacting vehicles to climb the barrier face and vault over the top. We have entertained the idea of placing pins on both sides of the barrier, but we are concerned about vehicle instability with this type of installation for the same barrier rotation issue mentioned above.

Date April 20, 2006

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