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Strong Post W Beam Guardrail Placed Adjacent to Steep Slope

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We have a situation as shown in the pdf. Please provide guidance or a recommendation regarding the W Beam Guardrail Wood post spacing and length of posts. This situation did not fall into the categories as stated on pages 28 and 29 of  the recent Pooled Fund Quarterly Report.  

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Date April 9, 2008
Attachment 9_FT_POST.pdf


I looked at your schematic of the w-beam guardrail installation on what appears to be a 3:1 slope with a 1:1 or a 2:1 slope behind it. Missouri had a similar issue in the past. We recommended to them that they use 9' posts at ½ post spacing (3'-1 ½"). I have attached the detail they made based on this recommendation.


We would recommend a similar post length and spacing for your installation.


I looked at the energy of the TL-2 impact, and I believe that you can use 7' long post at ½ post spacing in this installation for TL-2. That should help you out quite a bit.

Date April 11, 2008

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