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Mounting Flexible Markers on Post 1 of EAT

State WI
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I've got a hold of a detail that one of our regions is using to install flexible markers on to post 1.



From reading manufactures data, we would be looking to install


  •            Any one of the flat or single curvature Carsonite models
  •            Either the 400 or 500 series Davidson models
  •            The FlexStake EZ Drive model (without the


The information form each manufacture is attached.


Does MwRSF see an issue with mounting any of these product to the 1st post of the EAT? Most of these posts would have a half circle cross section.

  • End Treatments & Crash Cushions
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Date December 2, 2008


We do not have actual impact experience for these devices placed on guardrail end terminals. However, I do not believe that they pose significant safety concerns to impacting vehicles since they are light-weight and attached to the first post along its side. For end-on hits into the terminal, the lower delineator would be in front of the vehicle, potentially with a light-weight broken stub low to the ground.

Date December 4, 2008

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