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Weld Detail for Guardrail Attached to the Top Slab of a Culvert

State IL
Description Text After review of the crash testing report, and discussions between our Bureaus of Design and Bridges and Structures, here is what we have come up with for a weld detail between the post and plate for this application.  Does this appear appropriate?
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Date July 29, 2008
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During testing of the W-beam system attached to the top slab of a culvert, it was found that a 3 pass weld was necessary on the front and back sides of the front flange of the post. If this 3 pass weld was not completed, the post tore away from the base plate which compromised the performance of the system. Therefore, you would need to change your weld detail on the front flange of the post to be a 5/16" 3 pass weld on the front and back sides of the front flange. It is fine to increase the weld sizes for the back flange and the web of the post and these only need to be a single pass.


We cannot recommend using only a single pass weld on the front flange unless it had been proven to work with testing. Therefore, this would require funding a bogie test in order to prove or disprove its performance capabilities.

Date August 15, 2008

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