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Iowa Transition Design Adaptation

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Not that Iowa is unwilling to change, but how would our current design be modified to apply the findings of your recent project?  I have attached the most up-to-date version of our metric-height transition.  If this becomes too complicated, we have no reservations about switching to the bigger posts and wider post spacing.

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Date May 18, 2009
Attachment Iowa Transition Design Adaptation.pdf


I have attached a PDF containing MwRSF's recommendations for the transition to the Iowa transition. 


The top configuration is the one you sent us yesterday.

The bottom configuration is the transition to the transition that MwRSF tested last year.


The middle configuration takes the 7-ft posts @ 18.75" spacing from the Iowa transition and adds the MwRSF transition to the transition on the upstream end.  Note, the U.S. end is now MGS rail and the W " to " thrie transition element has been updated accordingly
Date May 19, 2009
Attachment Iowa Transition Design Adaptation.pdf

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