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54” Concrete Barrier

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IADOT needs the following:


-          54-in. tall, single-face, reinforced concrete parapet with foundation system for use in shielding bridge piers according to AASHTO 3.?.?

-          reinforcement design for the interior and end locations of wall and foundation

-          design based on WsDOT report and other more recent TL-5 barriers with reinforced footings/grade beams/slabs

  • Permanent Concrete Barriers
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Date November 30, 2009


See the attached PDF file for a simplified drawing for a 54" tall, F-shape, TL-5 barrier.  A few notes:


  1. The only difference between the interior and ends sections for the barrier is the reduction of stirrup spacing from 9" to 6".
  2. All longitudinal steel should be evenly spaced
  3. 10 of 12 longitudinal steel bars in the interior footing can continue through the end section footing as well.  The remaining two bars should be extended at least 2 feet into the end footing.
  4. The end section shows the barrier positioned on the front of the footing, but it could be placed on the backside of the footing as well.
  5. Other footing dimensions can be created to provide adequate strength, however the steel reinforcement may need to be reconfigured.
Date November 30, 2009
Attachment TL-5 F-shape 54 inch tall.pdf

Response here is a related 54" concrete barrier, near vertical shape with head ejection considerations
Date December 11, 2014
Attachment 54inchVerticalShapeHE.pdf

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