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25’ Long F-shape Temporary Concrete Barriers

State FL
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We have had a request from a Florida precaster to fabricate 25' long sections of our Index No. 414 " Type K Temporary Concrete Barrier System  that MWRSF helped develop.


We understand that there may be a concern for pocketing of the impacting vehicle if 12.5' and 25' units were intermixed in the free standing (unbolted) configuration. However would MWRSF have any other concerns for all 25' units in freestanding configuration or intermixed lengths in the bolted or staked down configurations.


Your input into our evaluations is always appreciated.

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Date January 27, 2010


We do not see any significant issues with extending the Type K barrier to 25' segments. We do have a couple of things to keep in mind.


  1. When the sections are extended, the barrier reinforcement should be kept consistent with the original barrier. This would include the longitudinal steel, the spacing of the shear stirrups, and the reinforcement for the tie-downs.
  2. Using the barriers in the free-standing mode should not be an issue.
  3. Using the barriers with the strap tie-down would not be recommended because the spacing of the strap anchors will have doubled. This would reduce the performance of the system a great deal.
  4. The bolt-through and asphalt pin tie-downs should work fine with the increased length as long as the spacing of the tie-downs is maintained (i.e. the 25' segment will require 6 tie-down holes in the toe of each side of the barrier rather than 3)
  5. Use of the 25' segments with the approach transition would not be recommended without further study. The current transition is based on 12.5' segments with varied anchor placement. Longer sections would change the locations of the joints relative to the anchors and would likely require further analysis/testing of the upstream end of the approach transition.
Date January 28, 2010

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