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Longer Posts for Guardrail Adjacent to Steep Slopes

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We have information about how to build line posts for MGS when the steep slope begins at the back of post.  However, a designer in one of our Districts is dealing with a location where the slope continues in a similar manner all the way to a bridge.  Are there any recommendations about adding to the length of posts for the transition from MGS to a bridge parapet?


Our particular transition to the parapet, given adequate support behind the posts is given in our Standard 630001.



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Date December 29, 2009


At this time, we do not have any available design information for modifying the length of the transition posts when located on a steep slope near the bridge end. However, MwRSF does have a research project with the Wisconsin DOT to provide recommendations for addressing various transition issues. One of the noted issues will be to provide design guidance for situations when steep slopes are found behind the posts. It is expected that this effort will be initiated within 2 months.

Date January 4, 2010

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