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Mixed Guardrail Post Types

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I have a question about the deflection of our generic guardrail.  Our current standard allows the use of four different post the 6x8 wood, 8" round wood, W6x9, and W6x8.5 with a rail height at 27.75".  For new construction the contractor must use the same post for the entire guardrail run.  When guardrail is being repaired after a crash contractor have asked if they can mix post types.  Nick Artimovich said this is fine if the deflection distances are close.  Where can I get a copy of the crash test reports for the 8" round wood post or the W6x9 steel post?  Thanks for your time.  


Post type                     Deflection

6x8                              2.7'

8" round        


W6x8.5                       3'

  • Guardrail
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Date August 19, 2010


NCHRP 350 Testing


27¾" rail height, 7.25" round SYP post " 3.7 ft D.D. " 2000P TL-3 test by TTI for Arnold Forest Products


27"?? rail height, 6x8 rectangular wood post " 2.7 ft D.D. " 2000P TL-3 test by TTI (G4(2W))


27¾" rail height, W6x8.5 steel post w/ 6x8 wood blockout " 3.3 ft D.D. " 2000P TL-3 test by TTI (Modified G4(1s))

Date August 20, 2010

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