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Anchored PCB and Expansion Joints

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Do you have a piece of hardware that will handle the transition between two pinned-down temporary installations of pin & loop F-barriers over an expansion joint. The joint probably has a 7 to 10 inch throw. (See attached)

I spoke to Rory Meza and she showed me the Texas standard plan in which they simply cantilever one of the segments out over the joint. This would certainly allow for movement, but at full contraction, there would be a sizeable gap/snag point between the barriers, nor could the barriers be connected to one another. We've seen the state of Illinois use steel plates which cover the gap while one of the barriers slides independently. The plate is cast with studs into the other barrier.

This seems like a reasonable solution but I wondered how you have seen it handled.

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Date December 15, 2010
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Response MwRSF has not developed a stiffened cover plate system for protecting a large gap formed between two rigid barrier ends with an interior expansion joint in the deck surface. However, I do recall that the Kansas DOT has developed a system but not sure of the details. We provided some feedback years ago, but their bridge division personnel performed the FEA analysis and design work. I suggest that you contact Rod Lacy or Scott King to acquire their details for such a connection. However, note that longer lengths of the gap could greatly degrade performance of the existing design.
Date December 15, 2010

Response Yes, we have an expansion joint barrier detail that was modeled by our bridge department like Ron indicated. Attached is that drawing in Microstation and Adobe formats. If you want to view the other concrete safety barrier details, you can download them for free at the website below in PDF or DGN format. Hope this helps!

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Date February 16, 2012
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