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Minnesota TL-4 Combination Bridge Rail

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The conclusions/recommendations of the researchers in this report ( ..Minnesota TL-4 Combination Bridge Rail... ) are as following:

"Finally, the authors believe that this combination traffic/bicycle bridge railing can be adapted to other safety shape bridge railings (i.e., F-shape and single slope) or vertical parapets of similar height and top width with only minor modifications. Additionally, it is believed that no further testing will be required since the F-shape and single-slope barriers are considered to behave slightly better than the New Jersey shape in crash testing (6.8.23)."

As far as you know, can this railing be successfully installed at the top of a 1070 mm (42 in.) F-Shape barrier?

  • Bridge Rails
Other Keywords Combination rails
Date November 1, 2010


We believe that this railing with vertical spindles would perform better when placed on a 42" parapet versus a 32" parapet. The increased height should reduce vehicle engagement with the bike-pedestrian rail. Of course, the only certain way to evaluate its safety performance is through full-scale vehicle crash testing.

Date November 2, 2010

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