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Inserts for Bridge Approach Section

State NE
Description Text Is there design for Inserts for attaching bridge approach sections rather than having to drill all the way through the bridge rail?

This is an existing bridge rail where we did not get a precast insert into the off-end of the rail.
Now we are switching to head to head traffic where it now will have a chance of getting hit from the other direction.

What size/ length of insert is required here?
  • Approach Guardrail Transitions
  • Bridge Rails
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Date November 4, 2010

Response I am enclosing a copy of an excel table that I have used over the years to obtain capacities for threaded bolts and anchor rods. Please note that the contents of the table do not reflect reduction factors of any kind. Based on your proposed rod size, it would appear that five ¾-in. diameter, 36 ksi steel threaded anchor rods would not meet your shear load requirement. However, five ¾-in. diameter, 92 ksi steel threaded anchor rods would meet the requirement if no reduction factor is utilized, but it would not meet the 80-kip requirement if the 0.75 reduction factor is used.

If we considered 7/8-in. or 1-in. diameter anchor rods of 92 ksi (Grade 5, 325, 193-B7, etc.) steel material, then both anchor rod sizes would provide adequate shear capacity, even with using the shear reduction factor.

Can you provide details for the swedge fittings?
Date November 9, 2010
Attachment Anchor Bolt Capacity V4.xls
Attachment Control Bolt.pdf

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