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Wisconsin to Illinois Temporary Concrete Barrier Connection

State WI
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We would like to connect the F-shape PCB designs from Wisconsin and Illinois, but the two designs have slightly different loop locations which can make them difficult to attach. Can you comment on the connections between these two sections?

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Date February 24, 2011
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I have reviewed the details you sent. I am familiar with the Illinois barrier. In the past, I reviewed the Illinois PCB for Erik Emerson. Based on testing of similar barriers, I noted to him that it should provide acceptable performance.


At that time, the issue of connecting the Illinois PCB to the Wisconsin PCB did not come up. We have concerns about connection of the different barrier segments. As you noted, the height of the loops in the two barrier design creates interference. Thus, one of the barriers would have to be shifted vertically to connect the segments. This causes several problems. First, the shifting of the barriers would not allow for the loops to be in the correct orientation to provide the double shear connection (i.e., two loops in one direction with a third loop sandwiched between them). This creates a situation where the pin loading is significantly different than the tested pin and may create problems. In addition, shifting of the barrier would also force the loops to rest on one another and create additional bending loads in the loops. This is also undesired. Finally, the vertical shifting of the barrier would create a situation where the barrier is not sitting flush on the ground. This would reduce barrier friction on the ground and accentuate the potential for the barrier segment to rotate backward vertically. This could potentially increase barrier deflections and vehicle instability.


With this in mind, we cannot recommend connection of the two different barrier sections without modification to the barrier segment. If you want to connect the Illinois PCB to the Wisconsin PCB, we would suggest fabricating a transition barrier segment that repositions the barrier connection loops to attach to each barrier type at the correct height.
Date February 25, 2011

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