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Snow Gate Modifications – Additional questions

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Would you please provide your thoughts on the additional snow gate modifications proposed by our field staff? If the sleeve is not used, is there a minimum length of post?

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Date January 10, 2011
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I have added some comments below in green.

1. I do not think the road closed sign needs to be hinged.

(Since the "Road Closed" sign will not be facing the motorist when the gate is open, I agree with a non-hinged sign.)

The hinge on the road closed sign is not an impact safety performance issue. As such we are okay if the sign is not hinged.

2. Gregg does not want us to drill holes in the gate tubing so I think we can use "U" bolts.

(I am hesitant to approve "U" bolts since the NCHRP testing did not include "U" bolts. I will copy Scott King and Rod Lacy on this as they are our testing gurus.)

I see no issue to using u-bolts attach the sign to the tubing as long as the capacity of the u-bolt is equal or greater than the bolts used in the original design.

3. I need someone's input on the 5' sleeve for the hold back post. Do we need this AND it we use an existing
4x4 sign post with or without the sleeve is that OK?

(My recommendation is to follow the design as tested.)

With regards to the hold back post, the post is designed to fracture when impacted. As such, any alternative configuration would need to have a develop loads when impacted similar to the 4x4 post in the foundation tube used in the original design. Thus, we would not recommend a hold back post with greater strength than the one that was tested. If you would rather not use the foundation tube, then we would recommend that you embed the hold back post 5' such that is has similar resistance to rotation in the soil as the tested setup.

4. We want to put multiple locks on the snowgate, for multiple agencies. I think we could put the angle iron shelf on the post with both top and bottom using a threaded stub so a nut/wing nut can be run down to hold the gate tight in the wind " then a chain with multiple locks can be used somewhere else.

(Sounds reasonable.) Nothing to add here.

Date January 12, 2011

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