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Sand Barrel Array layout

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I was asked by our maintenance department to develop a sand barrel array layout for a damaged crash cushion location.  Could MwRSF review this layout and calculations.  I believe that they are correct for a MASH TL-3 impact.


On concern I have is for the last row of barrels before the median barrier.  I believe that the roadside design guide indicates that an additional row of lighter barrels could be installed to protect vehicle from directly engaging the 1,400 lbs barrel.  I'm not sure how to approach this.  What weight should be in this barrel?  Should I have multiple rows of barrels with multiple weights (i.e. design for a head on impact).


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Date December 12, 2011
Attachment 151 barrel array calc and layout v1.pdf


I looked though your sand barrel design. I believe that the array you have shown is sufficient. However it is longer than necessary. I have attached a spreadsheet with the numbers for an array that is three rows shorter and is still acceptable for a TL-3 MASH impact event with both the small car and pickup vehicles.


I would suggest that you go with the shorter array laid out in the spreadsheet to reduce the cost and number of potential impacts on the sand barrels.


As for the reverse direction impact barrels, The recommended configurations are attached for various design speeds.

Date December 13, 2011
Attachment Reverse hit sand barrel layout- Option #2.jpg
Attachment Reverse hit sand barrel layout- various speeds.jpg
Attachment Inertial_barrel_worksheet.xls

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