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Guard Rail Post Usage

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I am wondering if you can help us obtain some information concerning the type of material that states are using for posts in corrugated beam guardrail systems?  In particular, we are trying to determine how many states specify only steel, how many specify wood only, and how many specify both material types.  As you may know, we currently specify the use of only steel posts for new installation here at WSDOT.  However, our current practice has come under scrutiny and we have been asked to see what other state practices are.  We have been asked to respond to this inquiry as soon as possible. Thanks for any help you can offer. 


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Date October 19, 2011



Here are the results from a quick survey of our Pooled Fund states.

(1)    Kansas " wood and steel posts acceptable

(2)    Iowa " wood and steel posts acceptable

(3)    Wyoming " wood and steel posts acceptable, most posts furnished as wood, fairly arid climate where do not experience much post rotting in field

(4)    South Dakota " wood posts only

(5)    Illinois " wood and steel posts acceptable

(6)    Nebraska " wood and steel posts acceptable, NDOR requires Dense Select (DS) 65 grade SYP wood posts which are difficult & costly to obtain, thus they mostly are supplied steel posts

(7)    Wisconsin " wood and steel posts acceptable, Wisconsin uses native wood species for beam guard " red and white pine

(8)    Minnesota " only steel posts on new installations

(9)    Ohio " wood and steel posts acceptable

(10)Missouri " wood and steel posts acceptable, however, wood is rarely supplied


Date October 24, 2011

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