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TL-6 Median Barrier Delineation

State UT
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UDOT has an at grade TL-6 barrier constructed within the
median of I-70.  I have attached the design.   There is a desire to
better delineate the barrier other than using just Linear Delineation
System panels.  We are concerned that if a saddle mount sign is used
on top of the barrier then the tanker trailer will be ruptured during


Are you aware of additional methods for delineating this
type off barrier?


Thank you for your time,

  • Bridge Rails
  • Permanent Concrete Barriers
Other Keywords TL-6
Date June 6, 2017
Attachment I-70 MP 144 Spotted Wolf truck median barrier details.pdf


I am aware of two studies that investigated barrier-mounted signs. CALTRANS performed a study that crash tested a sign with unacceptable safety performance. TTI also conducted a multi-phase study that simulated several systems and then evaluated those systems with crash testing. I believe that a few configurations provided acceptable performance.


In terms of delineators, I would believe that reflectors or sheeting could be safety applied to the posts and the depressions in the upper rail. I do not have any specifics for types of reflectors or sheeting. However, I do not think that they would pose a risk to passenger vehicles or the tank.


One thought may be to contact 3M or other manufacturers to inquire about products for this special application. Would you like for us to have a student investigate further options?


Date June 7, 2017

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