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Question regarding omitted post dimension

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In reviewing
MGS with an Omitted Post (TRP-03-326-16),
I’m struggling with a dimension provided on page 57 dealing with trailing end
anchorages (Figure 32 layout c). On there you dimension 43.75’ away from the
end anchor and then add another 12.5’ section of w-beam similar to the other
layouts. However, the dimension to the next post within the figure and repeated
again at the top of page 58 is 75’. I was expecting to see 62.5’. Can you
explain why 75’ was used?


As always,
thanks for your assistance!


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Date July 10, 2017


I went back through our recommendations. It appears that the 75’ number is a typo. The distance to the first omitted post should be the 43.75’+12.5’+6.25’ = 62.5’.


I apologize for the confusion. The text uses the correct rationale, but adds the numbers up incorrectly.


Date July 11, 2017

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