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Downstream Guardrail Anchorage

State VA
Description Text We have recently added the MGS 31” guardrail to our Standard drawings and we received a question about the strut and yoke assembly that was used in the MGS downstream anchorage. I have attached a pdf of the drawing noting the part and the question.

I have looked at the drawings and I cannot figure out if there is any reason for the notch in the yoke. Do you see an issue if the notch is not provided?

Thank you for your time.
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Date February 22, 2017
Attachment DS-Anchorage-32in_R3 9.pdf


The notch shown in our details is based on the struts that we get locally for testing. It is not in there for any structural or performance issue from our side of things.


I don’t have details on why it is included, but it may have to do with fabrication or drainage during galvanization.


If you have struts with the same basic structure but without the notch, we see no issues with the safety performance of the strut.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

Date February 22, 2017

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