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Working Width for Concrete Barrier (Type F, TL5)

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I have a question regarding the working width of TL5 concrete
barrier and Mr. Rowekamp from MnDOT suggested to contact you. Please see below:


We are looking to use a TL5 concrete barrier to separate a
roadway with heavy commercial traffic from a substructure support.

I am having trouble finding references on the correct setback to
use to avoid any collision demand on my pier.


My understanding is that the working width for such kinds of
barriers is mainly controlled by the roll of the tractor/van trailer right
after it hits the barrier (see picture below).

Do you happen to know the working width for the standard MnDOT
Concrete Barrier (Type F, TL5)?”



  • Permanent Concrete Barriers
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Date January 19, 2017
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I remembered doing this as well, so I looked it up quick this morning.  The previous question (# 786 of the Q&A website) dealt with Zone of Intrusion (ZOI) for the 2 TL-5 tests that have been conducted here at MwRSF with 42” tall barriers.  The ZOI was estimated from the working width and the barrier width, as shown in the response.  Here is the link.



Date January 19, 2017

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