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Web-mounted barrier rail

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We had the
attached image come in from one of our county engineers who is inquiring
whether we know of any barrier rail system that the attached may have been
modeled after. As you can see, it appears to be welded, though he says he has
seen it bolted as well, to the web of an I-beam. Are you, or anyone there at
MwRSF, aware of any such installation? I’ve never seen this before so I’m
hesitant to make any sort of design recommendations regarding its

  • Bridge Rails
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Date November 21, 2016
Attachment Example of web-mounted barrier rail.jpg


We have seen this type of attachment previously on county bridges and other rural installations.


Based on our internal knowledge, we do not believe it has been crash tested. In terms of its applicability, we do not believe that this is a very robust connection. It may have a chance to meet TL-1, but we would have concerns about using it for anything higher than that.



Date November 21, 2016

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