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Steep slopes within transitions

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We are looking
at a situation where we have steep slopes in the neighborhood of 2:1
immediately adjacent to a culvert headwall, to which we are attaching
thrie-beam across the face. Recent testing (TRP-03-234-10) has
focused on longer posts at the 2:1 breakover with the caveat it still needs at
least 4 ft of 2:1 beyond the breakover before steeper slopes or a hazard are
introduced (Q/A #610).
However, I’m unsure if this longer post guidance can also be used in our
barrier transition sections (BA-201)
or if it is strictly limited to standard w-beam situations. I found Q/A #525 from before the 2:1
breakover study that recommended at least 2 ft of 10:1 behind transition posts
until further notice but presume there has since been discussion about
transition posts in the development of the 2:1 studies. Would you please share
the current approach to steeper slopes within transition sections?

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Date October 17, 2016


We addressed something similar for Ohio. Take a look at that response and let me know if that answers your questions.





Date October 17, 2016

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