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Hardware Component Steel Grades

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Description Text I know that we have gone through this a number of times. However every time I think I got this handled, I find something weird on my drawings or somewhere else that causes me to relook at this

In most cases, things that are fabricated out of steel plates, some examples:

Anchor Bracket
Anchor Bracket - Bearing Plate
Retrofit Thrie Beam Cantilever Blunt End - Backup Plate
Retrofit Thrie Beam Cantilever Blunt End - Base Plate
Retrofit Thrie Beam Cantilever Blunt End – Beam
Square Washer - Non – Galvanized (temporary barrier anchoring into AC or concrete…)
Temporary Barrier - Anchor Asphalt - Asphalt Pin
Temporary Barrier - Anchor Asphalt - Asphalt Pin - Top Plate
Terminal Connector - Single Slope Connector Plates and Stiffeners

And posts like

Post - Strong Post – Steel w6x9

Are fabricated out of A36 Steel.

If that is the case, the following steel grades are acceptable?

Or ASTM A529 Max. Strength 50 KSI,
Or ASTM A572 Max. Strength 50 KSI
Or ASTM A709 Max. Strength 50 KSI,
Or ASTM A992 Max. Strength 50 KSI
  • Guardrail
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Date September 15, 2016


When we design new systems or components here at the facility, we typically specify those parts using the appropriate current material specifications. However, older components may have been specified years ago and the original specification may have changed, or is no longer available. Thus you will tend to see them change. This is true for many of the older hardware guide components.


We run into this issue as well and plan to try and bring it up at the TF 13 meeting. We know that we specify things according to the hardware guide but get some form of equivalent when we order it. That may not be a huge issue, but we should try to update things. As TF 13 has a mission to work towards standardization, it seems the place to best address this issue.


As far as the many components you list below, they would need to be looked at individually to make sure that the specs are up-to-date.


The AISC Steel Manual has some nice tables that list materials specs for various structural shapes. They also put out a pdf on the website that explains things better than I am. See attached. The website also allows you to look up component availability interactively.


For example, you note that post sections are A36 below, but we typically get them in A992 and that is currently the preferred designation in the AISC manual.


Let me know if this helps you out or if you want to discuss things further.


Date September 15, 2016
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